Important Documents and Forms

Important Documents:

Blades Land Development Ordinance – PDF
Blades Plan Update – PDF

Blades Source Water Assessment – PDF

2014 Town Fees – PDF
2014 Water Fees – PDF
2014 Realtor Information Sheet – PDF

Housing Code
Town Charter

Forms & Applications:

**Important: You must obtain a Building Permit from Sussex County after obtaining one from the town.**
**Important: Property Owners in Little Meadows must obtain permission for any changes to the property by Housing Unlimited: Bobbi Truitt at 302-629-3034**

Public Records Request Form
Town of Blades Building Permit Application
Town of Blades Sign Permit Application
P&Z Agenda Request
Variance Request Application
General Services Application with Ice Cream & Food Vendors & D2D
Professional Service Application
Property Rental Application Public
Demolition Application
Application for Permit to Break Public Streets & Ways
Hardin Hall Rules & Reservation Form

Park Pavilion Reservation Form