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Water Fees

The Town of Blades provides all residents and businesses within the corporate limits with drinking water.  The base charge is for 2000 gallons at $21.50 per month, after the 2000 gallons the charge is $6.15 per thousand gallons.  The base charge of $21.50 is also charged if there is no usage, regardless if the home is not occupied and the water has been turned off at the meter.  The owner of the property will continue to be charged the base rate of $21.50 per month.  A 2% penalty is charged every month on the past due balance. The town does not have any relief for water leaks on the property owner side of the meter.

*Rate change effective January 2014

Water Billing (excerpt from Ordinance 411 Section 35)

Section 35. Billing:

A. Meters will read every one (1) month per calendar year. If found to not be operating, the use for that month will be determined by taking the mean average of water use for the previous three (3) months.  For new residents (less than 30 days), the minimum will be charged.  Said minimum is subject to charge as a result of a majority vote of a quorum of the Blades Town Council.

B. Water service shall not be furnished to any person other than the legal owner of the property of Dwelling Unit of Consuming Unit.  Unless otherwise approved by the water commissioner, with written consent from the property owner(s), all billing will be sent to , and be the responsibility of, the property owner(s) whether or not said property owner(s) occupies, rents, leases or uses the property, Dwelling Unit/Consuming Unit.

C. Billing statements for water service shall be submitted to the property owner(s) every one (1) month during each calendar year. Payment will be due within thirty (30) days of the billing date.  After thirty (30) days. the maximum late charge allowed by law shall be applied on a daily basis to the balance owed.  If payment in full is not received within forty-five (45) days after the date of the billing, a water disconnect warning may be placed on the door at the subject property or Dwelling Unit.  After sixty (60) days, if payment in full has not been received by the town, water service to that property or Dwelling Unity may be disconnected and may not be reconnected until the water bill is paid in full.  If disconnected, a fifty ($50.00) dollar reconnect fee will also be applied and it too must be paid in full prior to reconnection.

D. All delinquent water charges shall be computed and collected pursuant to the Charter of the Town of Blades.

E. All unpaid bills relating to the water system will be placed as a lien again said property along with all late charges and penalties relating thereto.

Water meters are read on the last business day of the month. Billings are generated on the first business day of the month, mailed out within 2 to 3 business days.  The water bills will always be due on the last day of the month.  Example: September water usage will be read on the last business day of that month i.e. Monday 9/30/2013, water bills will be generated on Tuesday 10/1/2013, bills should be mailed out on Thursday 10/3/2013, bills will be due on Thursday 10/31/2013.