Streets Department

The Streets Department consists of a two street maintenance personnel. They are responsible for maintaining all roadways owned by the Town of Blades.

Potholes are caused when the pavement or the material underneath it, called the base or subbase, cannot support the weight of the traffic it carries. Two factors are always present in such a failure: water and traffic. Freeze and thaw cycles cause cracking in the pavement allowing penetration of moisture into the base and subbase causing fatigue that will not support heavy traffic.

The Street Department repairs potholes year round. Potholes are patched with either temporary or permanent filling, depending on the season. Potholes that are patched temporarily during winter months will be permanently filled beginning in the Spring.

Please report potholes on Town roads by calling (302) 629-7366. Please call the State Highway Department (DelDOT) at (302) 855–1111 to report potholes on State Roads.

The Streets Department works during inclement weather to assure the safety and clearance of all Town roads for the use of emergency vehicles and residents. Town roads in need of additional snow or ice removal can be reported by calling (302) 629-7366. State roads in need of additional snow or ice removal can be reported to DelDOT at (302) 855-1111. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we work to clear the town roads.

Street Department Commissioner: Garold Miller