Parks & Cemetery

There are currently two parks in the Town of Blades, Blades Park and Triangle Park. They are maintained by the Parks and Cemetery Department for the use and enjoyment of the public. These parks owned by the Town of Blades are open to the general public during normal park hours. Facilities are used on a first come, first served basis unless a reservation or permit has been previously approved and issued. Reservations can be made for special occasions for a fee. For more information and available dates, please call (302) 629-7366.

Park-Pavillion Reservation Form

Reserved times give the permit holder priority use of the park property only during times designated on the approved permit. If the permit holder is not using the park property during the reserved time, it reverts back to general public use.

The Town does operate a cemetery, and more information on lot reservations, and procedures can be obtained by calling the Town Hall at (302) 629-7366.

Parks & Cemetery Commissioner: Nancy McAdams

2021 Cemetery By-Laws

2016 Cemetery By-Laws