House Bill 410 established a new municipal election code for the State. It changes the way municipal elections are conducted which may be different than the Municipality’s current Charter.

To Vote in a Blades Municipal Election, you must sign a voters’ registration log located at town hall. Please call 302-629-7366 for more information.

Requires each municipality to appoint a Board of Elections as provided in a municipality’s charter or code to oversee the election of the municipality’s government.

  • Establishes a complaint procedure whereby a citizen can make a written complaint to the Board of Elections with appeals possible to the Commissioner of Elections and Superior Court.
  • Establishes standards for posting notices regarding an election of the municipality’s government.
  • Requires voters to show proof of identity and address at the polls, but permits a majority of the Election Officers to attest to a person’s identity and address.
  • Establishes standards for declaring candidacy.
  • Provides that the rules for absentee voting shall be as provided in Title 15 of the Delaware Code for Primary, General and Special Elections.
  • Establishes standards for the conduct of the election.
  • Establishes standards for recounts, when an elected member may take office, certification of an election and for resolving election contests.

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Blades Candidate Form PDF
All Municipal Election forms can be found here: Municipal Election Forms

 Candidate Withdrawal Form

Campaign Finance Registration MUST BE completed by EVERY APPLICANT!!!! CAMPAIGN FINANCE REGISTRATION

The Certificate of Intention for the state board of elections must be completed online. You can find at the above link!