04/06/2015 at 02:00 PM
Location: Hardin Hall
Address: 18 W 4th Street
Blades Delaware 19973


The Town of Blades will hold their Annual Municipal Election for the Mayoral Seat on Monday, April 6th, 2015 at Hardin Hall from 2pm to 6pm.

The one (1) candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected for a two year term. The candidates running for Blades Town Mayor are as follows:

Robert Atkinson
John Reiss
David Ruff

There will not be an election for the two (2) council seats. Lee Benningfield and Incumbent Russell Joseph were the only two that completed a certificate of intention and will fill the councilman positions.

At the Annual Municipal election, every person, male or female, who shall have attained the age of eighteen (18) years on the date of the Annual Municipal Election and who shall have been a citizen of the United States for a period of one year and a citizen of the Town of Blades for a period of six (6) months preceding the date of the Annual Municipal Election shall have one (1) vote, provided he or she has registered on the “Books of Registered Voters” of the Town of Blades by March 25th, 2015.

Vikki Prettyman
Town Administrator