Blades Drinking Water Contamination Issues

Date Posted: Friday, February 9th, 2018

Out of an abundance of caution the town of Blades, DNREC, DPH, and EPA, are requesting that no on on our water system consume Blades water.  No drinking and no cooking with it. 

DNREC and DPH are providing our citizens with bottled drinking water and then moving to potable water tanks for distribution Sunday morning.  

The National Guard is assisting with distribution at the Blades Fire Hall, 200 E Fifth Street, until 10pm Friday, February 9th, from 7am to 10pm for the remainder of this week and next week, and maybe longer, until a temporary filtration system can be installed. 

Any questions please call town hall at 302-629-7366 or Vikki Prettyman at 302-853-0997. 

Mayor and Council would like to thank Blades Volunteer Fire Company for all their hardwork and dedication to the town and its’ citizens! 

The assistance from neighboring municipalities, county council, our State Representative Danny Short, DNREC, DPH, is very much appreciated! We are working with all the state agencies and EPA to find out more information regarding these contaminates but, most importantly, find the solution to resolve it.  

Link to PFOS/PFOA EPA Fact Sheet

Link to Governor Carney’s Executive Order

Town-of-Blades-drinking-water-factsheet Updated 2/15/2018

private wells outlying blades

For those living outside the town limits but inside the red line, please call Rick Galloway at 302-395-2600 with DNREC Site Investigation & Restoration Section. Sampling could start on Thursday, February 15th, 2018. Hours of sampling are 9am to 3pm. Owner will need to sign access agreement. Samler will need to access to inside tap. Sampling typically takes 30 minutes complete.